Posted on 18/03/2020

Creative Balance Avoca Beach - Massage Therapy - Louise Deller

COVID-19 Pandemic

For the past few weeks, I have been following the updates from the Department of Health website and the World Health recommendations daily. I have also been applying very stringent infection control and hygiene protocols.

Safety is my number one concern for all of my clients, some of whom are at-risk populations. I feel a strong sense of social responsibility to help in any way to slow the spread of the virus and to protect the at-risk populations in our community. Since my profession involves being in close proximity and sharing the air for an extended time in a small room, a virus like this can be spread very quickly despite the best infection control and hygiene precautions.

With that in mind, I am taking this situation seriously and have decided to take action now to temporarily suspend my practice to slow the curve of COVID19 spread and lessen the sudden overload on our medical facilities locally.

I do not make this decision lightly as this practice is my primary source of income. At this stage, I don’t know how long this suspension will be in effect but I will keep you informed. I would prefer to be over cautious and err on the side of safety, rather than potentially regret not taking actions sooner. The safety and health of my clients, family members and community is paramount.
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